Students will learn the FUNdamentals of opening, middle and endgame play. There will be a supervised review of vital lessons taught each class.  The Meat of the classes is our challenge play section.  During Challenge play students will:

  • Challenge each other
  • Challenge Coaches and Coaches challenge students through Simuls
  • Play matches rated and unrated
  • Analyze matches played

Students will enjoy their time in class while beginning to develop critical thinking patterns

Kickstarter Program

  • Welcome Package
  • T-shirt
  • Class Evaluation
  • 2 classes per week

30 days for $99.00
(normal value: $189.00)

New Club: Queen’s Gambit

  • Preparations for local and national girls’ championships
  • Special Master guests
  • Special matches
  • And lots more…

Queen’s Gambit and League fee (non-member): $79.00
Queen’s Gambit Club fee (member): $20.00

Choose One

FUNdamental Class

  • 8 weeks
  • Ages 4-7 learn the fundamentals in a fun environment

Fee: $150.00

“If you can think, you can do anything.” – Lawyer Times

Private Lessons

Private Coaching is invaluable to the success of a chess student.  All of the best players in the world have received some kind of private coaching.  If you’re serious about chess, DO NOT overlook this opportunity.  You can expect faster development because our curriculum will teach you the following:

  • To develop the fundamentals of Chess by using the Contact Method
  • Pinpoint key Opening and Endgame fundamental skills
  • Improve the visualization and logic skills through specific patterns of thinking
  • Analyze your games with specific objective of pinpointing strengths and weaknesses
  • Improve in all phases of the game and learn to think like a Chess Master
  • Positional strategic and tactical thinking to bring your mind in line with the masters mind

It gets better…we also offer online coaching if you want to work with us, but are not our neighbor

We will coach online and let you know exactly what you need to set up for success.  The key is, we meet you where you are.

Private Lessons
Cost: $40.00 for 30 minutes