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chess helps kids develop critical thinking abilities needed for present and future life decisions


Programs are modified to adapt to how each child learns


Students learn how chess skills can be applied to life scenarios


Students make sound decisions fully aware of the consequences through the application of chess principles

Chess Programs for Students


Children learn the fundamentals of opening, middle and endgame play. Game play is continually supervised with a review of vital lessons taught each class. There are also simultaneous games with the Head Coach and teaching assisted by Junior Masters. The children enjoy their time in class while beginning to develop critical thinking patterns. Also included are our monthly Challenge Plays. During our Challenge Plays our students challenge each other and themselves to reach their potential. Our instructors challenge the students with Simuls, puzzles, tournaments  and more. Our Future Masters program helps students focus on what really matters on the chess board. We help children parallel lessons in chess to lessons in life based on their age group.


Future Masters Chess Academy
at New England Movement Arts (NEMA)
123 Muller Rd., Burlington MA 01823

Schedule: Jun-Jul 2019
Classes: 1 hour
$25 per session (Jun-Jul)

Sun, Jun 2 4:30-5:30 PM
Sun, Jun 23 4:30-5:30 PM
Sun, Jun 30


1:00-5:00 PM
Sun, Jul 14 4:30-5:30 PM
Sun, Jul 21 4:30-5:30 PM
Sun, Jul 28 3:00-4:00 PM
Mon-Fri, Jul 29-Aug 2

Summer Program

9:00 AM-4:00 PM

(dates may change)

Special Promotion
Try all of our programs for 2 weeks for $59 (for New Students only).


Contact Head Coach, Lawyer Times
[617-596-5856 | ltimes@futurechessmasters.com ]

Camps & Vacation Programs

Vacation and Camp programs offer a more concentrated focus on the key fundamentals of opening, middle and endgame play. Students engage in fun puzzles, tactics and engaging discussions. Chess art and related games included. An in-house tournament is also held. Our concentrated program enhances critical thinking abilities allowing them to make good decisions. Evaluations are given to parents so they can assist in fostering their child toward masterhood.

Prizes and surprises for all including medals. Trophies for tournament winners. Beginner chess books to help student make appropriate progress. Course work folder and certificate of completion and Future Masters T-shirts included.

Schedule: Half week or whole week Programs 

1 week available:    Mon-Fri, July 29-Aug 2 2019
Mon-Fri 9am – 4:00pm  (Half Day Options available:  9am – 12:00pm or 1:00- 4:00pm)
Location: New England Movement Arts, 123 Muller Rd., Burlington 01803
Cost: $400 (half day: $225)

During this Summer session, we will examine many essential elements of chess. We will cover the history of the game, dissect key opening and endgame strategies, and participate in a mini in-house tournament. Students will also work together in groups, learning to solve basic chess problems and to relate chess strategies to real-life decision making.

Prizes and surprises for all. Including medals, trophies for tournament winners. Course work folder and Future Master Chess T-shirts included.

To Register: Masschess.org

Private Lessons

Beginners rated 0-700: $70 an hour
Students develop faster with private coaching. We teach Beginners to develop the fundamentals of Chess by using the Contact Method of associating pieces with each other. We pinpoint key Opening and Endgame fundamental skills.

Intermediate rated 700-1400: $75 an hour
We improve the visualization and logic skills through specific patterns of thinking. We tackle Middle game ideas. Students learn to make progress through analysis of their games and to look out for specific ideas.

Advanced players rated 1400-1800: $80 per hour
Our students engage in serious critical thinking exercises. Analyze their games with specific objective of pinpointing strengths and weaknesses of their games. They improve in all phases of the game and learn to think like a Chess Master.

Private Classes or Small Group Chess Lessons
2 students $110 ($55 each)
3 students $135 ($45 each)
4 students $160 ($40 each)

Online Lessons
30 minutes – $40
1 hour – $60

To enroll please call us at (617) 596-5856 or contact us

Tournament Mastery

Students who excel in our classes and want to achieve the Master rank are coached on specific lessons and tactics for winning chess tournaments. The fastest absorption comes from coaching and game play against a master.

To enroll please call us at (617) 596-5856 or contact us

Junior Coaches

Our junior coaches are youths, who are 17 and under who have consistently demonstrated our 8 core abilities on a superior level. We use these Future Masters to coach our new kids. This volunteer program offers benefits to both our junior coaches and the beginner students they are coaching.

Want to join our Junior coaching Program? Apply now to be considered for the program. Great for college applications as students begin to bridge the gap from pupil to master of chess and life.

To apply please call us at (617) 596-5856 or contact us


To master the game of chess students must understand the elements that not only affect game play but also determine the winner. In chess there are seven elements:

  1. Material—The force of the pieces and the most permanent of the elements. Understanding the value of the various chess pieces leads to controlling the next element, space.
  2. Space—The amount of squares a player controls especially center squares. By controlling space on the chess board you can control the next element, time.
  3. Time—The amount of pieces you have out in play. The more pieces in play the greater time you have to make effective moves to gain position.
  4. Position—The position of the all chess pieces. The quality of the position can add up to more than actual material gained or lost. The better position your pieces are in creates a harmony for effective game play.
  5. Harmony—How the pieces work together. Understanding the role our chess pieces play in our band invariably creates dynamic game play.
  6. Dynamics—In short, tactics. Combinations are the spice in chess and utilizing various tactics allows students to understand their own as well as their opponents’ psychological tactics.
  7. Psychology—Your pattern of thinking and your opponents thus enabling you to predict behavioral patterns on and off the chessboard.

We have created our Future Master PhD program based on these 7 elements. This program enriches students to become proficient in utilizing these elements to hone their game play. The Master PhD method is adapted from Aaron Nimzowitsch, a leading chess master, author, and one of the greatest minds in chess history. Nimzowitsch’s philosophies still impact the way chess is played even to this day. We teach from the beginning not only how the pieces move, but why they want to be on a certain square. This way students learn early on how pieces relate to each other as well as their opposing pieces.

The PhD method takes longer to teach it decreases the learning curve and dismisses bad habits developed in beginner game play. Thus through the Master PhD method students see the big picture from the start. Students then progress beyond the beginner level based on consistent utilization of the Master PhD program in game play.

Beginner in chess is one who loses a piece (knight or bishop) or more every game. Basically their rating strength is 0-500.

Advanced Beginner in chess is one who loses a piece most games. Basically their rating strength is 500-800.

Bridging the Gap

In both chess and life there are principals one must understand in order to make successful decisions. Through our Future Masters program students learn how these core abilities can be applied in life situations they will be confronted with based on their age.

1. Absorbability—To engross with interest. To engage. To grip ones attention. Goal is to apply. So one must first take in instruction and completely absorb. 

2. Accountability— I am accountable. Do not blame anyone else for mistakes or failures. 

3. Analyzability— Examine study and scrutinize yourself, your games, and others 

4. Decidability—Coming to right decisions after weighing possibilities. 

5. Foreseeability—To see more beforehand through calculation instinct, intuition, and vision. 

6. Honorability—Honest, having good morals, principles, of good character, ethical. 

7. Respectability—Good proper relations with others. Respect for coaches and other players. 

8. Responsibility—contrasted with accountability. We are answerable not just I. Take care of each other and chess materials.


Future Masters Tournament News

3/10/19 Spiegel Cup Scholarship State Championship

5 Future Master Academy students competed among the 40 best in the State:

Tony Wang in High School Section

Joy Cao in 14 and Under

Leonard Sweeney Barrett in 11 and Under

Shouri Mosaliganti and Rayhan Riaz in 8 and Under

Congratulations to Shouri Mosaliganti who tied for Third Place in the 8 and Under Section.

Future Masters Scholastic Tournament #6

Date: Sun, June 30, 2019

LocationNew England Movement Arts Art School, 123 Muller Rd., Burlington, MA 01803.

Round Times: 1:00 pm 2:00 pm. 3:00 pm 4:00 pm.

Tournament Sections: Under 1500 Rated. Under 1000 Rated. Under 500 Rated. Unrated Section.

Byes: Maximum 2 byes. Must commit for Round 4 bye before Round 2.

Prizes: Rated Section. Trophies to 1st and 2nd Medals to third. Medals to top 3 Unrated.

Registration: $25.00 online in advance. $30 on site (11:45-12:30 pm). Registration available till END OF DAY OF 6/28/2019.
Online Registration: http://masschess.org

Membership Requirement: USCF membership required for Rated Section. None required for Unrated.

ContactLtimes@FutureChessMasters.com    617.596.5856

Advanced Entry List for Jun 30 Tournament #6

Franklin Lewis 1277 15922026 Under 1500 Round 3 & 4
Kaustaub Kislay 1243 16312814 Under 1500
Aedyn Mennell 1032 16610571 Under 1500 Round 1 & 2
Christine Nguyen 953 16634247 Under 1500
Pragyan Sriram 935 16552308 Under 1500
Ramaiza Sohail 974 16129474 Under 1000
Ansh Jeslani 899 16438780 Under 1000
Alden Kuo 830 16146628 Under 1000
Amy Nguyen 827 16151483 Under 1000
Anish Sanker 791 16332556 Under 1000
Bohan Christopher Wang 768 16880573 Under 1000
Kaiya Smits 737 16486827 Under 1000
Adhirit Prabhughee 726 16228992 Under 1000
Owen Phillip Mennell 625 16747587 Under 1000
Mahad Sohail 618 16129468 Under 1000
Lou Zijie 594 16076862 Under 1000
Anish Biswas 560 16901461 Under 1000
Kayla Zhang 538 16771070 Under 1000
Brandon Li 533 16270151 Under 1000
Evan Shi 487 1696603 Under 1000
Shiv Sanker 476 16288677 Under 500
Aiden Lee 472 16572914 Under 500
Eilam Kuo 461 16398651 Under 500
Tanish Biswas 402 16101476 Under 500
Benjamin Zhu 287 16540400 Under 500
Jacob Rubin 259 16669348 Under 500
Jace Chyn Unrated 17079067 Under 500
Ryan Cahoy Unrated 17085055 Under 500
Anish Bansil Unrated Under 500
Ethan Zhang Unrated Under 500
Amber Cahoy Unrated Unrated
George Korea Unrated Unrated

About—Founder Lawyer Times

Lawyer Times
2017 Massachusetts State Chess Champion

Lawyer Times, 2017 Massachusetts Chess Champion

Over 200 USCF tournament wins locally and nationally over the past 20 years

I began learning chess at the age of 6 by observing my older brother teaching my older sister. Ironically, I picked it up while she did not. My brother began teaching me the basics and from there I continued teaching myself. I was able to beat my brother in a short time, the dream of every younger sibling. Afterward, as others began to see my potential I received coaching from the best Chess Masters.

I achieved the rank of Chess Master after only five years of tournament play and have maintained my rank for over 20 years. The fundamentals and practices I’ve honed throughout my career I’ve taught to students privately and at various schools and institutions throughout Massachusetts. As I began to see the tremendous impact it had on them both in game play and in life I founded the Future Masters Chess Academy LLC. Now we assist kids in using chess principles to master chess and life.


1981  Youth High School Champion

1982  National High School Team Champion (Boston Latin)

1994  Declared Chess Master

2012  Boylston Chess Club Champion

2013-15   Most MVP points on Nor’easters Team in US Chess League

2017  Massachusetts State Chess Champion

Meet Our Team

Mr. Kas

Assistant Coach
Mr. Kas was originally a Tae Kwon Do instructor at NEMA in Burlington, MA. He later joined FMCA as an assistant coach with his five children being part of our founding class. Today he assists in our chess programs.

Angela Times

Office Manager
Angela Times is our invaluable Office Manager and the wife of Lawyer Times being married for 30 years. She has been in the administrative field for over 30 years and volunteers her time assisting youth. She is crucial to all the behind the scenes tasks needed to make our programs run smoothly. Additionally, Angela assists at our chess programs helping our students make better decisions in chess and life.

Get in touch

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PO Box 25

Boston, MA 02121

Phone: (617) 596-5856